This article will walk you through all you need to know about your green lantern party celebration with special recommendations on the necessary details. You know in event planning, attention is paid to details and this article has already gone the halfway for you. Be happy! The Green Lantern Story The green lantern is a joint prime alias that you see in comic books published by DC comics. Every green lantern usually has a ring and lantern of power that gives whoever uses it mighty control over the physical world.


This remains so as long as whoever wields it has enough will power and sustained strength. The ring is a powerful and dangerous weapon that is granted to individuals that are worthy of it. These selected individuals are interplanetary police officers that are called the Green Lantern Corps. Party Invites It’s all about the colour green. For thedesiredoutfit, you can invite your guest to put on a rock-solid green (preferably) or any superhero t-shirt (if they can find one) to your party.


There Are Plenty Ways the Party Room Can Be Decorated It will be nice to float green balloons decorated all over the place. The tableware should be themed too. This includes the tablecloth, centrepiece, paper plates, plastic cups, napkins and every other little extra. Here is one cute idea, why not use the movie posters as decorations and as well make it double as a gift. Just saying! After all, they are cheap to get.

Choose Favor/Prize for Your Green Lantern Party

Birthday favours are one of the best ways to say ‘thank you’ to your guests. You can either personalize them or make it general depending on your type of guests. Try if you can to make them all green.

Recommended Party Foods and Drink for Your Bash

Have you thought of vegetables and dip? You have the broccoli, cucumber, spinach dip, the green goddess dressing and much more. You can go with fruits too, like the green apple and grapes.

Cake Choice

How about your birthday cake? Should you avoid theextra cost and decide to bake your own cake you can buy some green lantern figures (it can also double as a present). You can place them on your home baked cake. If you purchased the cake, you can also place them on it. You can ask too at the bakeries. Most of them would have themed cakes. All you have to do after enquiring is to order timely. You can entice your guests by adding ice cream, cocktail nuts and party mints to the cake as you serve. Hopefully with all these ideas, planning your green lantern party has become easy and fun too.

Where to Buy Your Green LanternCostumes


You will find different types of superhero t-shirts, toys and costumes suitable for all sizes and all age brackets.
Enchant little superheroes after your birthday party with our green lantern goodies.



Men’s superheroes costumes are unique in the sense that it never gets old. It can be worn and re-worn again and again at every other theme party. The choice of costume for a particular event is a reflection of one’s fancy or desire within his mind. When we think of superhero themed parties, we think of a platform where we can emulate or imitate our favourite superhero. So when we think men’s outfit, a few of them comes to mind. Some of them are the Man of Steel, Batman and Spiderman or any other boy’s dream superhero.

When you add up accessories and toy weapons to the costume, it adds up to give it that super look. Imagine if the Superman's cape or the Batman's mask is not added to the costume, it just makes it look incomplete. We have mentioned the very old and popular superheroes costume, but there are newer ones that have also come to fame. Some of them are Captain America, Incredible Hulk and the Iron Man. These costumes are suitable for many themed parties such as the Halloween, Television or Comic themes, Comic cons etc. Has a large costume and accessory selection for any kind of superhero. Men would always love to go for their favourite superheroes.

Dressing like them helps the men to enhance their individual experience. You can always select the outfit and style that tunes to your personality. They can be found in different sizes, hence, no cause for worry if you find yourself on the high or low side of the weighing scale. One advantage of putting on a superhero costume is that you can do without a makeup. After all, you are all masked up, there is nothing to show. Some of the reasons men put on a superhero costume are that it can be attention seeking, create a good sense of feeling and be exclusive. Making a choice of the superhero character you want to represent is one thing but buying the costume is another. You will need to make certain considerations and undertake some research.

Therefore, do the right shopping and represent the superhero character you can relate to the most. So are you one of those that have that urge for a men’s superhero costume to save Halloween. No worries you should just do it! It is nothing strange. Superheroes are already a part of our popular pop culture. Isn’t that incredible? There are a lot of collections of superheroes costumes for men that would just make you look and feel super and heroic.

Why not try them out. Imagine you had those super powers in a well-dressed attractive costume. What would it be like? Surprisingly, transforming into one is easy and can be afforded. To become a hero you don’t need to see through thewall, encounter a laboratory accident or build super weapons. Just shop for it and shop right and you might have had your perfect Halloween.

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